Introducing “Listening Inspires”
A non-profit organisation to support the emergence of a fair and sustainable world Close to one year ago, a small team gathered and launched the Listening to the Earth movement –
Clearing for the New
Reflections on fire and opportunities in this new decade I was nested in my partner’s arms, as we lay on the couch gazing at the wood burning in our living
Welcoming the spring
Reflections on the seasons of our lives in a context of climate change … I have been observing carefully, over the last few weeks, the branches and
Happy New Year 2019
May 2019 be full of love and joy for each of you. What if the heart of SDG18 was practicing love and joy, everyday? And how can we do that?
Unleashing the power of SDG18
to achieve the Agenda 2030 “You know Charlotte, there is an unwritten 18th Sustainable Development Goal. It is about love and joy, and it infuses all the others.” Not a