Appreciating others
Introducing a very simple way to show appreciation for those you work with, and maybe open your eyes on the unique contributions of people who may think, speak and act
The might within
A poem I sat in the little garden. Heavy hearted, I asked my question to nature: “What do you ask of me?!” Attuning my ears to the sounds of nature,
A tale of 2 mounts
And how devotion can inspire sustainable development…   Over the summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to do a magnificent journey
Accepting…even the unacceptable?
In this third video in the Narayan series on “Love and joy for sustainable development – in practice!” I explore the difficult art of acceptance. “Is it possible to accept
Stay positive positive despite the gloom
How can we stay positive when the world seems doomed by conflict, social injustice and environmental disasters??? In this second video of the “Love and joy for sustainable development –
A few keys for inspiring leadership
In managing or being part of teams in different organisations and various cultural contexts, I’ve come to identify a few keys that motivate team members to give the