A soulful approach to sustainable development


Fostering global change


Through expert consulting on sustainable food systems and nutrition

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Supporting institutional change


Through facilitation for effective teamwork

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The change starts from within


with Ananda Yoga and personal development

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My vision


The world is awakening to the fact that while economic growth has brought improvements in human well-being, social inequalities are greater than ever and our modes of consumption are destructive of our environment and undermine our health.

I believe global and institutional change towards more sustainable and equitable food systems and economies can only come through more effective and genuine team work, enhanced personal well-being and consciousness, and by reconnecting with the sacredness of life in all its forms.


What do love & joy have to do with Sustainable Development?!

Connecting the two was the "a-ha" moment that ultimately led to the creation of Narayan. 

What if love and joy were not only the ultimate goal of Agenda 2030, but also what makes it achievable?

What if the rich bodies of knowledge about personal fulfilment  - such as Yoga and other spiritual teachings and practices - could help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? 

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1st Narayan webinar on the International Day of Yoga!

What does the Science of Yoga have to do with Sustainable Development and Climate Action (the theme of this years' International Day of Yoga)??? 

Don't worry if you couldn't join the webinar, the recording will be available on the website soon!    

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