A soulful approach to sustainable development

Who am I?


"Don't lose your enthusiam!" Such were the words of a fellow student, with several years of life experience more than my 22 years, as we were graduating  from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

Twenty years later, I still feel this enthusiasm and passion. I've invested it largely in my work on nutrition, public health and food systems in low-income and crisis-affected countries. Over the years I've worked  with a diverse set of organisations including Non-Governmental Organisations (Action Contre la Faim and Groupe Urgence-Réhabilitation-Développement), United Nations Organizations (in particular the Food and Agriculture Organization), International Finance Institutions, and governments (mainly in Afghanistan and African countries). 

Bringing people together around shared goals and values has always been at the heart of my work.  My work in nutrition and food systems has led me to collaborate with a wide range of professionals from around the world, working in a variety of disciplines  (health, crop production, livestock, fisheries, natural resource management, economics, social protection, gender, youth employment...). 

This experience has led me to  develop a passion for supporting teams in co-creation processes and helping individuals create a fulfilling career and life path. 

My personal journey has also led me to find solace and guidance in the ancient teachings of Yoga. As an instructor of Ananda Yoga and meditation, I now seek to share some of this ancient wisdom in my work on strategic planning, team building, facilitation, training and coaching.

In my spare time Iove to write. I have published a book on my experience and friendships in Afghanistan during the years of transition from the Taliban regime (2000-2010): Amitiés Afghanes - 10 ans de vies partagées (Editions Fayard, 2011), in French and Land of Eternal Hope (Blurb, 2013) in English. 

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My approach


I combine sound technical knowledge and expertise with effective communication, stimulating team building and inspiring facilitation.  I believe institutions and teams work well when the individuals who compose them are fulfilled.

I have also seen that the regular practice of Ananda Yoga and meditation have greatly expanded my ability to deal with complex issues and challenging human and team dynamics. The holistic view of the world, which underpins the science of Yoga, has inspired my vision and work in favour of equitable and sustainable models of development. That is why I have deliberately chosen to bring what was initially a personal practice more explicitly into my professional life.

Narayan brings all these sources of inspiration together to provide you and your teams a holistic service that is tailored to your needs and focused on the well-being of the people you seek to serve, of the planet which sustains us, and of the colleagues with whom you work to drive positive change.



  • BA. Human Sciences, Oxford University
  • MSc. Public Health Nutrition, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Instructor of Ananda Yoga  


  • Nutrition and Food systems expert
  • Team building and management
  • Facilitation and support to co-creation
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Languages: bilingual French and English, Spanish, Italian, German (intermediate), Dari (basic)

What does Narayan mean?


In the Hindu cosmology, the supreme divinity which created and sustains the universe manifests itself through three deities: Brahma the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.

This corresponds to the basic cycle that underpins all life forms (our cells, bodies, plants, nature's seasons, periods of our lives...): birth, expansion until maturity, followed by decline and death, which makes space for a new cycle.  

Narayan is another name for Vishnu, the preserver, the sustainer of life, and thus a positive energy to inspire our efforts on sustainable development!