Afgha oranges

Nourishing people and the planet

Nutrition and food systems have been at the heart of my work for twenty years: from running emergency nutrition programmes in Afghanistan during the Taliban time and contributing to the revival of Afghanistan’s agriculture sector during the transition to democracy, to mainstreaming nutrition in the African Union’s Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and designing training and policy guidance tools on nutrition-sensitive food systems.

My work has led me to collaborate and learn from experts in the fields of agriculture, public health, social protection, resilience and natural resources management.

In all I do, I strive to encourage sustainability, regeneration, and empowerment of all those involved.

Capacity development, policy advice, coordination and support to partnerships applied to nutrition and sustainable food systems are where my passions lie.

Today, I focus on supporting teams working in these fields through expert advice, training and facilitation.

My current commitments involve supporting the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement secretariat on “making food systems part of the SUN Movement’s DNA”, and contributing to a study on the effectiveness of food security and nutrition policies led by the EU/FAO Policy FIRST programme.  I recently contributed to the African Development Bank‘s Capacity development strategy on nutrition, through a collaboration managed by Nutrition International.