A soulful approach to sustainable development


Expertise on sustainable food systems and nutrition

  • Strategy, policy and programme formulation
  • Training
  • Expert analysis and report writing
  • Normative tools and guidelines

Facilitation and team building

  • Facilitation of strategic planning and action review workshops
  • Support to co-creation
  • Support to team building and management
  • Facilitation of events

Personal development and yoga

  • Mentoring on career and personal development for professionals working in development and humanitarian aid
  • Ananda Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Creativity workshops

How I can support you


Expertise on Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition

Are you...

  • developing a food system and nutrition policy, strategy or programme?
  • organising a training programme for professionals or university students?
  • holding a conference, seminar, or expert consultation on sustainable food systems and nutrition?
  • developing guidelines or tools to support professionals working on food systems and nutrition?
  • commissioning an article or report on how to make food systems sustainable and nutrition      sensitive?

I will be happy to bring to this work insights drawn from my 18 years of working with governments, NGOs, UN organisations on topics such as Nutrition-sensitive food systems, social protection and nutrition, and climate change and nutrition.


Facilitation and team building

Are you...

  • Preparing a new strategy or project and you wish to ensure all your stakeholders feel ownership from the get go?
  • Mid-way or at the end of a process and you wish to take stock collectively to define a way forward?
  • Facing a challenge and needing to "co-create" an innovative solution?

I can help you define a strategy for the consultation process, prepare for and facilitate the meetings, and synthesise the main outcomes to help you and your colleagues move forward effectively and with passion.


Personal development and yoga

Are you... 

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? 
  • Seeking a stronger sense of purpose and direction? 
  • At a turning point in your professional or personal life and not sure which direction to take? 

I offer personal mentoring and coaching for professionals working in sustainable development and humanitarian aid. My coaching can also enriched with personalised yoga practice and meditation, depending on your interest and needs.  

I also organise a variety of Yoga and meditation events, in Copenhagen and Provence. I practice and teach Ananda Yoga, a form of Hatha Yoga created by Swami Kriyananda and rooted in the original teachings of Yoga, which emphasises the natural linkages between body, mind and soul.   

If you are interested to organise an event or series tailor made for your teams, do not hesitate to contact me.

See the events page to find out about upcoming events. 

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Are you intrigued by the combination of services described above? After all, what does yoga have to do with sustainable development or nutrition??!!

Find out more about why I brought them together and my approach by clicking below:  

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