A soulful approach to sustainable development

Wishing you love and joy in 2019!

Narayan video series on Love and Joy for Sustainable Development - in Practice!

I believe love and joy are necessary for sustainable development to work. After all, do projects an initiatives managed by stressed teams fraught with conflict or competition really work??? 

And if we work so hard to ensure access health care, education, employment, etc. is it not for people to be happy? Are love and joy not the ultimate goal of sustainable development? 

If you agree, then the real question is: what do we do in practice? Check out the videos below for inspiration...  

Introduction: the 18th Sustainable Development Goal

What if there were an 18th Sustainable Development Goal, which was about love and joy? 

This video introduces the rationale behind Narayan, and this video series. If you are curious to know more, check out my blog post on the 18th SDG and watch the videos, below!

1. Do what you love!

Introducing the first of the Narayan video series on "Love and Joy for Sustainable Development - in Practice!" 

"We feel a great responsibility to have an impact... but what if all that was asked of us, was to do what we love?"

2. Stay Positive!

How can we stay positive when the world seems doomed by conflict, social injustice and environmental disasters??? 

In this second video of the "Love and joy for sustainable development - in practice!", I share a few tips that have kept be going over the years.  

3. Accepting... event the unacceptable?

In this third video in the Narayan series on "Love and joy for sustainable development - in practice!" I explore the difficult art of acceptance. "Is it possible to accept even the unacceptable?" I wonder. Maybe... and it may be all the more necessary if that's what it takes to change it!

4. Appreciating others

Introducing a very simple way to show appreciation for those you work with, and maybe open your eyes on the unique contributions of people who may think, speak and act very differently from how you do...